ATTENTION: Did You Know That Your HORMONES Are The Biggest Reason For Weight Gain Over 40?
Designed Exclusively For Men Over 40... 
By A 55-Year-Old Weightlifting Champion! 
This 55-Year Old Strong Man Is Sharing All His Secrets
Arman Eckelbarger wasn’t born with great genes. 

He was a small kid (5’5” and 120 lbs) in his senior year of high school. 

Then he started lifting weights. By his late 20s, he was a solid 187 lbs of all-natural, lean muscle. In his prime, he could squat 515 lbs for 6 reps and bench 365 lbs for 6 reps. 

Then he turned 45. And like most men this age… his muscles shrank, his belly inflated, and his energy evaporated. Despite doing the same exercises and diet, nothing seemed to work… 

It took years of research — working with doctors and nutritionists before Arman found a solution. This solution recently helped Arman win 1st place at the 2019 Masters Nationals in the Over 50 category. 

And it’s this solution that has helped thousands of men over 40 transform their bodies, regain their youthful energy, and act like 20-year-olds again!

  "I discovered the secret to transforming the 40+ male body… and have helped thousands of men get in the best shape of their lives.”
— Arman Eckelbarger, 2019 National Masters Champion
What Happens To The Male Metabolism When Men Turn 40?
If you find it hard to get lean and strong DESPITE working out every week and watching what you eat… 

Know this: It’s not you… it’s your HORMONES. 

Male testosterone plummets when you hit 40… sometimes by as much as 40%-50%! 

Low testosterone can lead to: 

✔️ Increased body fat
✔️ Decreased strength and mass of muscles
✔️ Decreased sex drive and diminished sexual performance
✔️ Foggy thinking and forgetfulness
✔️ Fragile, weakened bones and; 
✔️ Increased mental and physical exhaustion

That’s what happened to Arman 15 years ago. 

So he spent the last decade designing and perfecting TOTAL BODY RELOAD — a fitness and nutrition program that helps men over 40 get strong, shed fat, and improve their mood and sex drive…
How Does Total Body Reload Work?
PHASE 1: Fix hormone imbalance with nutrition
When low T strikes, your body needs nutrients to burn fat, build muscle, and restore energy.  

Imagine your body is a high-performance sports car. Having proper nutrition is like high octane fuel to keep your body running cleaner, performing better, and creating less residue. 

That's why Total Body Reload includes nutrient-rich foods. These foods can help you jump out of bed feeling energized, recover faster after a workout, and even feel friskier in bed. 
PHASE 2: Shed Fat and Build Muscle with  DYNAMIC RECOVER TRAINING
Dynamic Recovery Training (DRT) is Arman's proprietary workout routine and a vital component of the TBR program. 

These exercises are designed for simplicity. 

✔️ Minimal equipment
✔️ Do them practically anywhere 
✔️ Takes only 40 minutes or less

That’s right, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym. Dynamic Recovery Training is designed for the busy man. These low-impact, short workouts build muscle and help you recover faster. 

DON’T LISTEN TO YOUNG TRAINERS who yell at you to “push harder”... This can raise your cortisol levels… and puts too much stress on the body. All you need are these simple 45 minute workout, 3 times per week for maximum results.
PHASE 3: Build a lifetime of healthy habits that will help you look and feel your best
Total Body Reload is much more than an exercise and nutrition program. 

This program is about shifting your mindset to become your absolute BEST SELF. 

And that starts with healthy habits, accountability tracking, and simple tools to get more results in less time. 

Here's What You Get When You Join
Total Body Reload
Immediate Access To The Member's Only Site
Log in to the online Member's Site using your exclusive username and password to read & review your program guides.
Instantly access your digital workout videos from the members-only site and perform them anytime, anywhere form your computer or mobile device
The Workout and Nutrition Videos
The workouts I have put together for you will help to stimulate your hormones, start activating old muscle tissue to come back (muscle has memory, which is a great thing), improve your energy systems to start working again and help to destress the body. This workout system is designed to be done at a fast pace to keep the heart rate up and to challenge the body.  
The Downloadable Meal Plan & Nutrition Guide
The Total Body Reload plan depends on the proper combination of nutrition, exercise, and quality vitamins and supplements. While there is a little leeway within each of the three areas, depending on your body type and your goals, you must have all three working together in order to achieve your optimum results
Dynamic Recovery Training Workout Guide
The 40-45-minute sessions are composed of a 5-minute warmup to get muscles and joints ready to work, 20 minutes of strength/resistance training and 10-15 minutes of high intensity interval cardio with a 2-minute cool down/stretch.
This guide will give you all the workouts you need to succeed with the DRT program
You'll Also Get These Bonuses
BONUS #1: 
One-On-One Coaching Call
When you sign up to Total Body Reload today you'll also get a personalized call from one of our transformation coached who will help and support you throughout the 30 days.

You'll receive additional advice and help with the nutrition & exercise guides as well as expert supplement advice to help you get results even faster.
BONUS #2: 
The Total Body Grocery Guide
If you need additional help when out shopping for food or you find yourself on the go, and want to eat out, this guide will help you. 

You'll learn exactly what foods to buy and learn about nutrition, macros and calories so you can prepare delicious healthy meals.
How Is Total Body Reload Different?
  • Muscle Loss
  • Fat Retention
  • Time Consuming
  •  Expensive
  •  No Support
  • Increase Muscle Tone & Size
  • Instant Fat Burning & Weight Loss
  • 45 Min Workouts
  •  Cheaper Than A Gym Membership
  • Full Support & Accountability
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you try Total Body Reload and you stick to the program, I am so confident that you will see the results you are looking for - that I'm willing to let you try out the program for the full 30 days risk-FREE! If you aren't completely satisfied or have not felt like you've received a ton of value, just contact me by email within 30 days and I will refund you 100%!
Commonly Asked Questions
Is this just another fad diet or workout plan?
Most weight loss and fitness programs out there are designed for Women. Total Body Reload is the first all in one system specifically designed for men over 40 and combines the method of carb cycling and reloading with the science of dynamic recovery training to target your hormones and get you looking and feeling like the best possible version of yourself in the shortest amount of time.
How much does it cost?
When you sign up today, you can get Total Body Reload for just $37. This is a one time payment and does not include any hidden fees or monthly contracts.
Can you join the program in all countries?
Yes, you can. You will gain access to a members site that you can access anywhere and on any device with just your computer and an internet connection.
How long are the workouts?
My specially designed workout plan called Dynamic Recovery Training (DRT) works because it focuses on fixing hormonal imbalances that all men face, shows you the best workout routines to boost testosterone and increase muscle mass. These workouts are only 45 minutes long and need to be done 3 times a week.
 What If I don't like some of the items in the meal plan?
There are plenty of food options included in the meal plan but if you don't like or can't eat certain foods then you can reach out to your coach and they will be able to provide you with many alternatives to suit your dietary needs.
Will Total Body Reload work for vegetarians and vegans?
Total Body Reload works well for vegetarians and vegans with just a few simple variations which are covered in the food plan including some sample meal plans and recipes designed specifically for vegetarians and vegans.
What If I decide I don’t like the program?
I'm willing to let you try out the program for the full 30 days risk-FREE! If you aren't completely satisfied or have not felt like you've received a ton of value, just contact me by email within 30 days and I will refund you 100%!
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